Be Grateful and Express Gratitude, Ungratefulness Creates Problems, (Moral Story-1)

Should we be grateful and express gratitude towards others? “She thought of punishing the ingrate and she went to her leader, Tom an Eagle”, from this snippet from a moral story, Who is “She” that was mentioned here? Who could be the ingrate? What did Tom the Eagle do after he hears the complaint? Do you agree with Tom? What would you have done if you were Tom? Do you think ungratefulness creates problems? To answer these questions proceed to the below and read this interesting story…

What are the characters in the story?

Angel is a Cuckoo, Julie is a Crow, and Tom an Eagle.

Be grateful and express gratitude : The story

Julie, a Crow, and Angel, a Cuckoo are living on a tree in a garden. Julie is very lazy, she roams on the streets, eats leftover waste, and she doesn’t even have her own nest. She spends her time sitting and sleeping on the branches of trees.

Angel is not like that. She is very hardworking in nature. She stays with her children in the nest with all facilities. She is very protective of her children. Angel gave advice to Julie many a time. Angel used to advise, “Sister, don’t be lazy. Construct your own nest. The rainy season is approaching.”


 Time passed by and the rainy season approached. One night there is a downpour and Julie does not have a nest to take shelter in. No one gave shelter to Julie. Julie was drenched completely in the rain, and she shivered due to the cold, at last with no hopes left Juli went to the nest of Angel.

Julie told Angel, “My dear sister, I am completely drenched and I am shivering due to the cold. Please open the door and give me shelter for this night. I will never forget your help”. 

The merciful Angel opened the door and said, “come! come on in!, this is our kitchen, stay here and take a rest. I have always advised but you didn’t listen to me”, and Angel came in and also fed some food to Julie.

After everyone had slept, Julie started to search for utensils. In that, she found many sweets and hot, spicy snacks that Angel prepaid for her children.

Julie ate throughout the night and emptied the utensils. In the morning by the time Angel woke up, Julie had flown away.

Angel showered her children and went to the kitchen to feed them children and searched for the utensils. She felt as if the empty utensils are making a mockery of her. Angel understood what the ungrateful Julie did.

She thought of punishing the ingrate and she went to her leader, Tom an Eagle. Angel told Tom everything that had happened.

Tom sent a message to Julie. Julie came and she confessed her crime. She asked him for pardon and told him that he would never repeat that misdeed.

Tom told Julie, “Nothing doing! there is no excuse for your misdeeds. Not only you cheated on your friend but you also made Angel’s children suffer, by making them stay hungry. That’s why I am punishing you. First of all, you should build yourself a nest and from now onwards Angel will lay eggs in your nest and you have to hatch those eggs along with your eggs. you have to nurture them for some time. It’s your responsibility until they can fly. This is the punishment I am giving to you.”

What the moral of the story tells about “Gratitude”?

In life “Gratitude” is very important. If you work for short-term gains and be ungrateful to someone who helped you in need, then you are the one who will suffer later in your life. Whenever you got some help or support from others, you should express your “Gratitude” towards them. And also another thing is you should not be lazy and should be prepared for any calamities or difficulties you may encounter in the future.

Meanings of difficult words

Ingrate: an ungrateful person.

Snippet: a small piece or brief extract
Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Ungratefulness: not feeling or showing gratitude.

Roam: travel aimlessly.

Advise: offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone.

Approaching: coming nearer in distance or time.

Downpour: a heavy fall of rain.

Drenched: wet thoroughly; soak

Merciful: ready to forgive people and be kind to them.

Utensils: a tool, container, or another article, especially for household use.

Mockery: insulting or contemptuous action or speech.

Confessed: admit that one has committed a crime or done something wrong.

Pardon: the action of forgiving or being forgiven for an error or offense.

Misdeed: a wicked or illegal act.

Nurture: taking care of, feeding, and protecting someone or something, especially young children or plants, and helping him, her, or it to develop.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the story about?

Ans: The story is about a lazy and messy crow, which due to its ungrateful behavior towards a cuckoo, has to endure the unnecessary burden throughout its life.

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