Adjectives, Easy To Learn 12 Different Types With Examples

What is Adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns, which are people, places, or things. They provide more information about the noun in terms of its size, color, shape, age, and so on. Adjectives can vary in complexity, but they are essentially descriptive words that add detail to a sentence.

Adjective Examples

  1. Innovative Israeli technology companies are leading advancements in various industries.
  2. Rishi Sunak, the youngest Chancellor in UK history, presented the budget proposal.
  3. Talented Lisa wows audiences with her impressive rapping, singing, and dancing skills.

Types of Adjectives

1. Descriptive AdjectivesDescriptive adjectives provide specific details about the noun they modify.The green apple fell from the tree.
2. Quantitative AdjectivesQuantitative adjectives indicate the quantity or how much of the noun is being referred to.She has three cats.
3. Demonstrative AdjectivesDemonstrative adjectives point out specific things or people.I like this book.
4. Possessive AdjectivesPossessive adjectives show ownership or possession.It’s my car.
5. Interrogative AdjectivesInterrogative adjectives are used in questions to ask about a particular noun.Which dress do you prefer?
6. Distributive AdjectivesDistributive adjectives refer to specific members of a group.Each student passed the exam.
7. Comparative AdjectivesComparative adjectives are used to compare two nouns.This book is larger than that one.
8. Superlative AdjectivesSuperlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns, indicating the highest degree.Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.
9. Predicative AdjectivesPredicative adjectives follow linking verbs and describe the subject of a sentence.The cake smells delicious.
10. Proper AdjectivesProper adjectives are derived from proper nouns and retain the proper noun’s capitalization.We had Italian pizza for dinner.
11. Indefinite AdjectivesIndefinite adjectives refer to non-specific nouns.I’ll take some sugar, please.
12. Exclamatory AdjectivesExclamatory adjectives express a strong emotion.What beautiful flowers these are!

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